Michael Oil & Propane offers a wide selection of Petroleum products, in addition to parts and supplies to repair or maintain your equipment. Read below to see details.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Ultra low sulfur diesel is a very clean, very efficient fuel. Our fuel is monitored daily for quality and purity. We use an exceptional additive package which enhances the performance of the fuel year round. Ultra low sulfur diesel is ultra clean burning. (According to the API, emissions from ultra low sulfur fuel approach that of natural gas.)


Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel is used in a variety of applications, including Highway Motor Vehicles, Off-Road Equipment such as Excavators and Farm Tractors, Generators, and Home Heating Systems.


Gasoline is known by many names including Unleaded, Unleaded Regular, No Lead, and others. There is little-to-no difference in each base gasoline product from one location to another. Each grade of gasoline must meet certain prescribed quality and purity standards. (Some differences in the end products will occur if there is an addition of additives or detergents.)

#2 Heating Fuel

#2 Heating Fuel (aka ultra low sulfur diesel) is ultra clean and offers greater efficiencies than ever before. This fuel is fully compatible with both the older heating systems and the new high efficiency systems. The clean-burn characteristics of this fuel result in almost no carbon, scale, or soot deposits, which will significantly increase your furnace service interval. Reduced emissions make this a great greenhouse gas friendly fuel.

K-1 Kerosene

K-1 Kerosene is a highly refined distillate. It is commonly identified by its "water-clear" characteristics and is often used in space heaters, bullet heaters, kerosene lamps, camping equipment, and as an additive to other distillates.



Propane is a member of a family of hydrocarbons called "gas liquids". The names "LP Gas" and "Propane" are used interchangeably. Propane is a very efficient and cost effective fuel source for homes, farms, commercial, government, and industrial applications. ALWAYS call a trained propane professional when dealing with any part of your propane service or equipment. See the safety brochure for more information or talk to our service professionals.













Aboveground Storage Tanks

LIQUID FUELS: We offer above ground steel storage tanks for farms, homes, and small commercial applications. These tanks are UL listed and must be installed according to code requirements of the State of Michigan.
PROPANE: At this time, we do not offer propane tanks for sale. They are available for lease only.

Motor Oils & Lubricants

We offer only high quality products. Several brands are available or we can order to suit your needs. Specifications and/or MSDS sheets are available at any time. Here are the most common:


  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

  • Premium Tractor Fluid

  • Premium Hydraulic Oil

  • Gear Oils

  • Transmission Fluid

  • Motor Oils (PassengerCars)

  • High Temperature / Extreme Pressure Greases

  • Mineral Spirits

  • Methanol

  • DEF

  • Antifreeze – Automotive

  • Antifreeze – RV & Outdoor Wood Boilers


*Delivery Service Available*


emergency vent
emergency vent

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tank pump (battery)
tank pump (battery)

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Tank Pumps / Gauges / Vents

These parts meet all State of Michigan regulations for above ground storage tanks.


spin on filters
spin on filters

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green nozzle
green nozzle

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Hoses/Nozzles/Fuel Filters 

We have a large assortment of hoses, nozzles, and filters in several styles and sizes.

HVAC Parts & Supplies

(For Heating Oil & Propane Units)


We have a large inventory of gas and oil furnace parts available.