Summer Time Furnace Maintenance?

Finally! Some warmer weather! Soon we'll be turning off our furnaces and not thinking about them - or the fuel bill - until next fall.

Here in the north, with our long heating season, the last thing we want to think about with summer approaching is......winter. But this is a great time to think about furnace maintenance.

New or old or somewhere in between, your furnace needs maintenance. Most service professionals recommend an annual inspection / tune-up to keep your furnace running as efficiently as possible (saving you money), prolonging the life of the unit (saving you money), and identifying potential future service or replacement issues (saving you money.)

Deferred maintenance can be very expensive! Don't wait until it doesn't work. Now is a great time to have a service professional inspect / clean / tune-up your furnace. Although no one wants to hear it.......

winter will be back before we know it!

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