5 Helpful Tips for Propane Users

1. If you believe you are the owner of your propane tank, find documentation to prove that. Your propane company cannot legally fill a tank unless they or the homeowner owns it.

2. If a new gas appliance is installed, most companies request that you inform them so they may perform their own safety inspection. It's quite often free, but your company will record many of these things to your account. We want to maintain the safety of all customers.

3. If you run out of propane, your company will need to perform a new safety check. Just an FYI, they need to do it.

4. If you smell gas and suspect a leak, call your heating company immediately.

5. When selling your home, make sure to keep at least 10% in your fuel tank! Most sales contracts in real estate (at least in central Michigan and surrounding areas) include a stipulation to that effect. Just a reminder to read your contracts thoroughly!

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