4 Things to Ask Your Heating Company to Do (Besides Deliver Fuel)

Reliable, affordable fuel delivery is important. But when you call your heating company for a fill up, did you know that there are many other services we can provide?

We, as heating suppliers, are experts on not only furnaces, but other appliances. You should rely on your heating supplier to make sure that your home gas appliances are properly installed and maintained.

Next time you talk to us, don’t forget to ask about these services!

Your heating company can also:

1. Maintain Your Furnace

With proper safety and maintenance, a furnace is highly safe and efficient. Still, it’s a good idea to have it checked out by an expert at least once a year.

A quick check not only makes you safer, but ensures your furnace is running at peak efficiency. That translates to energy savings, especially during winter’s peak usage season.

2. Install Your New Water Heater

Who doesn’t love a nice, hot shower? We’ll tell you: The first person to run out of hot water in the morning! Ouch!

New, ultra-efficient water heaters are becoming very popular in the United States.

Not only can they provide you with all the hot water you need for bathing, cleaning, cooking, and more – there’s also plenty of ways to save money with them. Installation is usually fast and easy, and it only takes one quick visit a year to keep things running smoothly.

3. Maintain Your Gas Range, Dryer, or Other Appliances

Just like electric and other appliances, gas appliances can suffer performance issues or breakdown over time.

Repairing appliances is almost always more cost-effective than replacing them, especially if a problem is noticed early. Replacing a small component could save hundreds of dollars. You could add years of life to your appliances.

4. Test Your Home for Gas Leaks

When used according to basic safety rules and common sense, there’s nothing to fear from propane or other fuels.

That said, there are some situations that call for a thorough check of your propane delivery system:

  • You added or changed a major gas appliance, like a range;

  • You had a major home improvement project that affected your utilities;

  • You smelled a gas leak.

Although a problem is unlikely, gas leak testing is definitely NOT a “do it yourself” situation. A leak test doesn’t take long at all, and it makes sure your home and family are safe.

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