15 Amazing Displays of Tank Art

Do we really need an introduction here? Let's jump right in!

1. Coca-Cola

An interesting application of an old logo!

2. Fishing Bobber

You've gotta show off your hobbies, right?

3. Corn

It's probably a good idea NOT to bite into that cob. Just sayin'.

4. A Business Sign

They couldn't have chosen a better location to advertise their business!

5. Camouflage

For when you don't want your fuel provider to find your tank, apparently.

6. Nature

Look at that detail! Amazing!

7. Hot Dog

Posted: Please stop pouring chili all over the propane tank. Thank you.

8. Backdrop

For when you want to run into it all the time.

9. Grass

We recommend against mowing over it.

10. Minions

Because you haven't gotten "Happy" by Pharrell stuck in your head lately. Sorry!

11. Patriotic

Gotta give it up for the red, white, and blue!

12. Tomato Soup

All you need now is to put the tank on a cement slab painted to look like a grilled cheese sandwich!

13. Raccoon Log

Now you can blame your propane tank for your trash being strewn all over the ground!

14. Yellow Submarine

We all live in one!

15. Infested Watermelon

Because why not?

But we saved the best for last!

BONUS: Michael Oil & Propane

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